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Purchase power; Serv Corp is not only a Real Estate Company but we are also a Mortgage Broker with over 100+ lenders to choose from. We have the ability to shop your loan and get you the best interest rate and service. Our structure is very aggressive to favor our buyers, we take the headache out of finding you a loan. Getting qualified for a loan is a big part of the process when it comes to buying a home, by having over 100 different lenders to choose from it gives Serv Corp the opportunity to secure a great loan with an outstanding interest rate for you!

Serv Corp offers more loan programs than direct lenders or banks. We offer all the same traditional programs the banks offer but at better pricing. We also offer programs that most banks and direct lenders won't offer like Non-Qualified Mortgage Loans = Hard Money Loans, Business Owner Loans, Bank Statement Loans, I-10 Loans, P&L Statement Loans, Foreign National Loans, Fix and Flip Loans, Commercial Loans and more! This can allow a buyer to potentially qualify and secure a loan when they didn't think that it would be possible.

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